I'm a husband and father who loves good competition and good company doing it. I love getting outdoors and active living so we try to fire it up everyday.

As a coach, I understand that 100% of coaches do not come up with everything on their own. We either borrow from personal experience or peers who have time tested results. Many of my current workouts come from SEALFit.com, CrossFit, Bigger-Faster-Stronger, etc.

Our armed forces have all of my utmost love and respect; especially our family and friends. We can't extend enough gratitude to all our servicemen and women who sacrifice for our freedoms. I'm glad guys like Kendall, Big Dave, Tommy, Eric, Justin, Jacob, Johnathan and countless others are on our side with all heart and no quit.

I'm always looking for new ideas and events such as "Warrior Dash" or "Tough Mudder" races, triathlons, Crossfit events, etc...Anything fun to keep that competitive edge. This blog's main function is to act as a personal log book and share some ideas, stories, and competition.

These are what I complete from day to day, set by set, rep by rep. Stay in shape and as a great coach used to repeatedly tell me, "Know your body."

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thursday 6/6/13 D-DAY

Thank you to our servicemen and servicewomen.  Thank you to the greatest generation who gave their lives on D-Day 1944 or were forever changed by it.  Thank you

Wednesday 6/5/13

Crossfit Warmup For Time:
Reps are 12-14-16-18-20
Complete all exercises at the prescribed reps before moving on to more reps

Jump Squats
Wall Balls (20#)

Bar Curls (3x10) @ 90-100#
Plate Curls (3x10) @ 45#
Tricep Pressdown (3x10) @ Heavy controlled weight
One Arm Tricep Cable (3x10) @ Light controlled weight

Abs - any exercise at undetermined rep #.  Go until it burns and push through in control.

Tuesday 6/4/13

Rest Day

Played in a golf tournament

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday 6/3/13

10 minute warmup & dynamic stretching
2 Reps on the Minute, Every Minute x 5 minutes (work to heavy 2 on Bench Press)

Bench Press (5-4-3-2-1) @ 225-235-245-255-265#
Weighted Pullups (5-4-3-2-1) @ 45-55-70-80-90#
One Arm DB Bench (5-4-3) @ 90-100-110#
Pullups @ 15-10-5
Lat Pulldown (3x10)
Rows (3x10)

21-15-9 reps for KB Swing (55#) & Box Jump (30")
2 x 15' Rope Climbs

300m Jog
10 x Leg Swing (L/R)
10 x Body Squat
100m Side Skip
10 x Leg Swing (Front/Back)
100m Backward Run
15 x Pushups
10 x Lunges
100m Buildup
20m Fast leg (R/L)
20m Fast leg (Alternate)

4 x 40m Sprints
1 x 150m Sprint

800m Cooldown

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday 5/31/13

10 minutes of dynamic stretching & warmup

Bench Press (3x5) @ 225#
Incline Bench (3x5) @ 185#
Box Squat (5x5) @ 295-295-315-335-335#
Ring Muscle Ups (3x3) w/ 30" rest
Bar Muscle Ups (3x3) w/ 30" rest
Bubka's (3x5) - pole vault drill on pull-up bar.  Swing up until hips are at the bar and you're inverted
Overhead DB Press (2x15) @ 45#

STRETCH - every major muscle group
HYDRATE - at least 100 oz. today
REST - make sure to get plenty of sleep and gear up for a good run tomorrow

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thursday 5/30/13


2-10 = # reps
Jack - Ace = 10 reps

Hearts = Box Jumps
Diamonds = Ring Dips
Spades = Tire Flips
Clubs = Wall Balls

94 Total Reps of each (2 through Ace)

Wednesday 5/29/13

Track Warmup "B"
400m Jog @ 2 minute maximum
10 x Body Squat
10 x Lateral Leg Swing R/L
50m Side Skip R
50m Side Skip L
10 x Lunges
100m Backward Run
10 x Front/Back Leg Swing R/L
10 x Side Leg Lift
10 x Front Leg Lift
10 x Donkey Kick
10 x Fire Hydrant
50m Buildup w/ 50m jog/skip slow down
15 x pushups
10 x V-sits
100m Buildup

1 x 10m Sprint
2 x 20m Sprint
3 x 30m Sprint
4 x 40m Sprint
3 x 10 Hurdle Hops

Power Clean (5x3) @ 225-225-245-245-255
Deadlift (5x3) @ 305#
Squat (3x3) @ 275-295-305
Front Squat (3x3) @ 225#
Bar Curl (3x10) @ 100#
Plate Double Curl (3x10) @ 45#
Tricep Press (3x10) @ machine resistance under control
Man Maker (5x5) @ 35# dumbbells

2 Minute Abs (see Tuesday 5/28/13)
Super Slow O's (2x6) R/L
V-sits x 15
Leg Levers x 15